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 I have been a member of New Creation Christian Fellowship for fifteen years, and two of my children attend New Creation Christian Fellowship Church as well.   I have learned from different ministries here at New Creation Christian Fellowship for example; Financial Worship, Singles Ministry and Outreach Ministry.  What I like about the church is the love, fellowship, and commitment to the word of God.

 We are one big family in the body of Christ. Over the last fifteen years, I have experienced marriages, graduations from high school and college.  I also enjoy the fellowship after service with dinner.  I have seen the ministry grow from a small church to a large church within twenty years of service, and even to a debt free church.   Sister Bennett-Green



To me, this ‘church – house’ seemingly mimicked the ‘breaking of bread and worship of God’ as the community of believers did in the Early New Testament church (Acts 2: 46 -47).  In June 2002, I stepped into covenant fellowship with believers of NCCF.  

How can I really express the valuable role that NCCF ministry has played in my life? The most honorable thing I can say is that I am the fruit of your commitment to God – your spiritual daughter. No one has had such a significant and life-changing impact on my life EXCEPT Jesus who you preach, as you always declare ‘Follow me as I follow Jesus’. Thank God for the day He brought me to NCCF! I declare “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion ‘Your God reigns!” (Isaiah 52: 7, NIV).

NCCF: People of Faith, Fellowship, and Favor; United in Worship; United in Faith; United in Jesus!  Pansy L. Forrester



~ NCCF is my extended family of believers all of whom has or are developing a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.


NCCF mean many things to me, it is a place of higher education that transcends the world’s educational system that is wrapped up in the in the world’s various political and ideological beliefs.  NCCF is a teaching ministry which provided me with a deeper understanding of God’s word.  Which is a truth that do not change and has not changed in thousands of years yet it remains relevant to what is happening today.  I am a Deacon at NCCF, which taught me humility, by allow me to become a servant to God people.  NCCF is a place where God chooses to bless me with my beautiful wife.  It is also a place of joy for me and my family.  To summarize NCCF is helping me to develop a lifestyle based on the word of God that will serve me today and for eternity.  Decon Washington 

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