An effective volunteer must be found faithful in serving unto the Lord and walking in the Love of God.  A volunteer is loyal, dedicated and committed to doing what needs to be done to fulfill the vision,  thereby advancing the Kingdom of God. 

Our Partners agree to support us through daily prayer, word of mouth, and monthly financial donations. 


We sincerely thank you for your generous donation. Every donation that is given goes towards the fulfillment of New Creation Christian Fellowship and community-based programs that meet the spiritual, mental and physical needs of our immediate community.  NCCF, is a 501(c)3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible.




Giving is an expression of our love and trust in God. It is not a requirement, just an opportunity to honor Him. Aside from the supernatural results, we will see in our own lives, we will also see lives changed around the world as we minister the Gospel of Love.  Your seed enables us to reach beyond the four walls of the church and make an impact in the lives of those near and far.  For every life that is touched through this ministry, it is attributed to faithful partners like you.  Be confident that when you sow a seed into this ministry, it is sown in good ground and produces much fruit. Thank you for your support and partnership with New Creation Christian Fellowship. 

Children's Ministry
This ministry focuses on our children, "The Next Generation Saints." Our children are taught the word of God in a way they can understand. We provide a fun interactive environment for them to learn & increase in the wisdom of God.
Women's Ministry
The women of New Creation Christian Fellowship are extraordinary women of God. They are a vital irreplaceable part of our church. Our women's ministry provides an outlet for fellowship among women. Including activities, weekend retreats, luncheons, etc.
Teen Ministry
This ministry provides an environment for our teens to be teens. Here our teenage children are able to discuss & learn the word of God in a practical manner that addresses the situations they are facing as they progress into adulthood. We seek to equip them with the tools necessary for them to face life's challenges with a clear sense of direction and confidence in God.
Singles Ministry
This ministry provides support to the unmarried members of our congregation. Our singles are taught how to be single and content. We also seek to prepare those singles that may desire to be married one day the basic principles of discernment, behavior & preservation as prescribed by God.
Couples Ministry
At New Creation Christian Fellowship we believe the institution of marriage was created by God and is ordained by God. Therefore we must turn to God for the wisdom and instruction necessary to build successful marriages based on His principles. Couples Ministry provides an environment for married couples to fellowship, discuss various issues & receive counsel in a group setting.
Men's Ministry
The men of New Creation Christian Fellowship are dedicated & faithful men of God. Our men's fellowship ministry encourages men to reach out to the younger generations of boys & young men. The men of NCCF lead by positive example. This ministry provides an environment for men to fellowship and bond in a variety of ways, including activities, luncheons, retreats, etc.
Prayer Ministry
The "Prayer Warriors" of New Creation Christian Fellowship meet several times weekly for intercessory prayer. Prayer is a powerful tool. We know that when we pray, if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us and has our petition.
Others  Outreach Ministry
This ministry focuses on "others;" Those outside of the walls of the church that need to be shown the love of Jesus Christ thru the actions of Christians. Others Outreach Ministry goes into the surrounding community providing food, clothing & assistance to those in need.
Finance Ministry
This ministry seeks to teach Christians the financial principles of God in a practical manner. In Financial Ministry individuals & couples learn how to manage their finances. Understanding God's purpose for money is the key to financial success. Many seminars include Christian professionals from the financial industry.
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New Creation Christian Fellowship Ministries


At New Creation Christian Fellowship we are people of Faith, Fellowship & Favor. Under the leadership of Apostle Floyd & 1st Lady Emma Dautrieve, we are a Bible teaching church that strongly believes in the uncompromising truth of The Holy Bible.


Our ministry departments provide an outlet for us to specifically appeal to and address the needs of individuals in the body of Christ. These ministries are designed to provide support, interactivity thru fellowship with other saints & to help encourage and direct others towards relationship with Jesus Christ.closer


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